Gattegno proposed the study of complete patterns of Cuisenaire rods as a preliminary to counting, number and arithmetic. Cuisenaire rods are colour coded sticks each of which is a multiple of the length of the smallest - a white cube. Rods are coded in the order w, r for red, g for light green, p for purple, y for yellow etc. Rods placed end to end form a train.

A compete pattern for a rod consists of all the trains of equivalent length (~). For example, r ~ ww is a name for the complete pattern for red. For light green the complete pattern might be called g ~ rw ~ wr ~ www. Gattegno called a complete pattern an integer .

Use these web resources to make complete patterns for the yellow rod, and rods smaller than it. How many trains are in each pattern? How do you know that you have made them all? How many trains do you think will be in a complete pattern for dark green (d). Make the pattern for d to check your conjecture.

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